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Bio-Wick Bodily Fluid Spill Kit

Biowick fast response biohazard spill kits

Base Fibre Granular
Facts and figures

Biowick is a fast response biological hazard spill kit tailored to deal with unwelcome spills such as blood, urine or vomit. 


Biowick's contents include:

250 grams of wick powder

Simply sprinkle the powder over the spill then collect it using the two halves of the scoop which converts from the containing box.

2 x clean up wipes 

Two clean up wipes are included for deodorising and finishing the final cleaning up process to leave the surface perfectly clean and dry.

1 x pair of gloves

Waterproof gloves help to ensure safe handling of spilled substance.

1 x biohazard bag

The biohazard bag is used to contain and dispose of all the used items within the spill kit.

The smartly designed box instantly converts into a scoop and receptacle. Bus lines, trains and schools are particularly suitable for the product as it can also be stored almost anywhere. There is nothing on the market that compares to this product.

Watch Biowick in action here!



Recycled Content*




Base Fibre


Ensure that disposal of these used sorbents complies with all regulations.




Suitable for

Recovering both oil and water based fluids at the same time


Recommended for recovering both oil and water indoors

Environmentally Friendly Content

Contains granular absorbent that is made from recycled and renewable sources

Environmentally Friendly Content