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Traditional socks are long tubes of material filled with an absorbent core. They are used more often to contain spills rather than recover them due to the narrow contact area with the floor or ground surface. Our socks all feature a spun-bond outer skin with the Oil only socks featuring a recycled polypropylene core and both the Chemical and Maintenance types having a super absorbent flake core.

Spun-bond Range

These socks feature a tough spun-bond outer sleeve that has a durable heat sealed seam running its entire length. For the Maintenance and Chemical socks this tube is then filled with a next generation absorbent core that will absorb both oil-based and water-based fluids. The absorbent core is secured into the sleeve at each end with a durable plastic clip for the Chemical version and metal for the Maintenance and Oil only versions. The Oil only sock is filled with an absorbent polypropylene core that is made from recycled material. This core will absorb just oil-based fluids.

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Essentials 3"x8' Universal Sorbent Socks

Super absorbent flake grey Maintenance spun-bond socks 8cm in diameter and 2.5metres in length.


3"x4' Universal Sorbent Socks (40 ct)

30 super absorbent flake grey Maintenance spun-bond socks in 8cm diameter and 1.2 meter length.