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Not all sorbents are created the same

Discover why ESP sorbents are a better choice for you and your customer

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A complete range of spill care products

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Sustainable sorbents that perform as well or even better than conventional polypropylene types to protect the environment

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Distributors enjoy manufacturer direct pricing and support

ESP Canada is a proud member of IDI and Indica.

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ESP has three locations across Canada (Mississauga, Calgary and Montreal)

Each with a very knowledgeable team ready to advise and supply just what you need.

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Welcome to our website

Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP) is a global business specialized in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly sorbent products since 2004. We are proud creators of innovative leading technologies. We first pioneered the air laid spill absorbent products in the late 90's and subsequently, introduced Coldform2TM, UltracleanTM and AirmatrixTM. These technically advanced sustainable recycled sorbent options are made from resilient recycled content. In many cases, outperforming more traditional meltblown polypropylene.

We have built a prosperous global company by only supporting distributors of our products and we are not going to change that. We feel that it is our job to make industry leading quality products and innovate continuously. Then leave the selling process to our distributors.

ESP Canada is part of the ESP family of companies whose headquarters are in Chicago, USA, with other locations in England and Australia. Our Chicago plant is ISO9001 certified, which is a requirement for the manufacture of medical grade sorbents. ESP Canada counts with three warehouses located in Mississauga, Calgary and Montreal.

Our sustainable sorbents and supply spill containment and prevention products, together with our highly knowledgeable team of people, are just an example of how distributors of ESP Canada products can increase sales by offering products that stand out from the crowd.

Sorbent pads and rolls

Pads and rolls are by far the most popular format we manufacture and are available in a range of different weights and sizes. For more information about selecting a pad or roll see our 'learn more' section.


Spill kits

The importance of a spill kit cannot be emphasised enough. Having the correct absorbents close at hand, in the right quantity and container is key to any successful spill recovery outcome. ESP spill kits are used throughout the world in a host of different situations which in itself speaks volumes!



Socks are long tubes of material filled with an absorbent core. Our socks feature a spun-bond outer with either environmentally friendly recycled polypropylene or super absorbent flake cores depending on the type of spill needing to be recovered. Our socks are available in Oil only, Maintenance and Chemical types.



Pillows are used to absorb leaks or spills that are too large for a pad. They are ideal for a range of uses and situations that involve heavy or light machinery. The large surface area of a pillow provides fast wicking of larger fluid volumes and as a result reduces clean up times. Pillows are best used in tight spaces or areas that are difficult to access such as under machinery and around hydraulic hoses.



Booms are part of the essential equipment to clean up oil in fresh or seawater spills. ESP pioneered the single skin boom which offers a marked increase in strength over other booms available. As well as Oil only booms, ESP also has a range of Maintenance land booms.


Drum tops

Manufactured from fine fibre Coldform2TM, drum tops are both sustainable and effective. ESP Canada's unique SpillLockTM is added to make the drum top even more absorbent. Drum tops are pre-cut to fit within the lip of the top of a metal drum and eliminate the mess that results from dispensing or replacing any liquids.


Wick absorbents

The wick ranges of products have extremely high absorption rates and excellent sustainable credentials due to their significant recycled content and manufacturing process.


Industrial rugs

Our mats and rolls of absorbent surface protection provide tried and tested solutions. They are tough, rugged and feature unbeatable performance. Manufactured with a needle punched core of sustainable fibres these are then secured to different backing layers to offer durability or leak-resistant properties.


Secondary containment

A wide range of spill pallets, work floors, wheeled bins and other products to contain spills or prevent them from reaching the environment and causing damage.



An alternative to absorbents made from fibres. We offer two different types of granules both offering excellent results.


See our sorbent products in action

SpillLockTM truly is an exceptional advancement in absorbent technology. It's a result of science bringing us entire new classes of materials. The future is very exciting, and new materials will dramatically change our industry over the next decade.

View our other products in action

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