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Coldform2™ Single Lamination Roll in Oil only

Coldform2™ Single Lamination Roll in Oil only

165 gsm* 165 Litres | 36 US Gallons of oil** 129 Litres | 28 US Gallons of water**** Cellulose
Facts and figures

With a fabric weight of 165 gsm this roll at 91 metres long is twice the length when compared to the heaviest 286 gsm weight alternative and as a results offers a product with the lowest cost per square metre fabric.

This is a sustainable/recycled option to Oil only polypropylene, being made from 80% sustainable/recycled materials. This roll out performs meltblown sonic bonded and AirmatrixTM when absorbing low viscosity petroleum spills, and at a lower price point too. The single sided laminate combines the best features found in a laminated roll (no-lint & durability), while reducing the slip problem associated with double sided laminated sorbents. These features make this roll a fantastic sustainable Oil only product.

All the rolls are perforated down their length, every 7.5” and across the roll every 20” at no additional cost.

Key Features

  • Our most popular Coldform2TM product family
  • Made from 80% recycled/sustainable materials
  • Top layer is made of a white, no-lint, durable spun-bond polypropylene
  • Core/base layer is made from high quality recycled natural fibres
  • Not as slippery as a fully laminated pad
  • Base layer is low-slip making this a great product for foot traffic
  • Low linting.

Because the top sheet is very durable and the bottom layer low-slip, this product makes a very good sorbent choice if foot traffic is expected, or when durability is needed. Because the roll is Oil only it can be used outside but avoid situations where the sorbent might be immersed or in close proximity to large amounts of water.


165* gsm


71 cm x 91 m (28” x 300’)

Recycled Content**

80** %




10.6 kg (23.5 lbs)***






165 Litres | 36 US Gallons of oil** 129 Litres | 28 US Gallons of water******

Base Fibre


  • Avoid high-heat and Chemical applications.
  • Fire retardant as per ASTM726.
  • Ensure that disposal of sorbents complies with all regulations.


71 cm x 91 m (28” x 300’)


This is the sorbents weight with heavy = 1, medium = 2, and single weight = 3


Suitable for

Recovering just oil only fluids


Recommended for recovering oil on land outdoors


We recommend this absorbent for recovering just oil indoors

Recycled Content

This product is made from renewable and recycled fibres

Recycled Content