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Pack of 10 pads in Chemical

Pack of 10 pads in Chemical

380 gsm* 8 Litres | 1.7 US Gallons of oilLitres | US Gallons of water** Polypropylene
Facts and figures

Our 10-packs come in a totally heat sealed polythene sleeve and the pack must be ripped open to remove a pad, so its easy to see if they have been tampered with. On each spill kit we indicate how many 10-packs are included, so refilling is as simple as counting the number of packs and topping up as required. This heavier weight Chemical fine fibre pad is among our best and most expensive meltblown pads. Ideal when you need a fast wicking highly chemical resistant meltblown product.

Key Features

  • The sorbent is made up of three layers sonically bonded together. 
  • Top and bottom layers are made from micro fibres of densely woven polypropylene.

The advantages of having pads in sealed packs of 10 ranges from keeping the pads clean and secure, to improving auditing and even presenting further opportunities to increase sales.


380* gsm


40 cm x 50 cm (16" x 20")

Recycled Content**

0** %


Bagged pack of 10


8 Litres | 1.7 US Gallons of oilLitres | US Gallons of water***

Base Fibre


Fire retardant as per ASTM 726 Ensure that disposal of these sorbents complies with all regulations.


40 cm x 50 cm (16" x 20")


This is the sorbents weight with heavy = 1, medium = 2, and single weight = 3


Suitable for

For recovering unknown, aggressive or hazardous fluids


We recommend this absorbent for recovering unknown or hazardous spills