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Man-made polypropylene fibre adsorbents

Meltblown is the term used for polypropylene sorbents. Polypropylene resin (which is plastic) is melted then ‘blown’ as very fine fibres into a mat that can be cut into individual pads or rolled up. Meltblown is best used for recovering aggressive spills or leaks and for recovering oil-based spills on land and especially on large bodies of water.

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of our static resistant sorbent line

This has taken us a bit of time to perfect as we felt that it was important to be able to attain the “gold standard’ with respect to static dissipative sorbents. To that end we are pleased to state that they attain the NFPA 99 standard as well as the ASTM-D-257.

We are an ISO certified manufacturer and the products are constantly tested as they are produced, thereby assuring NFPA compliance. All packaging is also static dissipative. Other sorbent manufacturers claim to attain this standard but we have only found one other that actually does. We would be happy to test your current supplier’s product and you may be surprised by the findings. Given the liability associated with supplying a product such as this, if it doesn't meet the specifications, then the complications can be huge!

When working around any flammable liquid we recommend the use of anti-static certified sorbents. If you require different pad or roll configurations we may be able to help.

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Meltblown Anti-Static Split Roll

Heavy weight non bonded anti-static split roll.