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Booms are part of the essential equipment to clean up oil in fresh or seawater spills. Whilst many might look the same on the outside, it’s on the inside where ESPs’ booms make a real difference.

ESP’s unique Single Skin boom became the industry’s gold standard throughout the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. All our booms offer significantly better performance that traditional Sock-in-Net Boom. Look out also for our 'land booms' which are Maintenance which means they absorb both oil and water-based spills at the same time.

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Single Skin Boom

Introduced in 2010 and quickly became the ‘gold standard’ during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Featuring a single skin which is very strong and woven to stop the meltblown scrap core from escaping. This is the stand out choice if strength is most important such as in rivers or strong tidal currents.

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Single Skin Boom in Oil only

4 single skin white Oil only booms 13 cm in diameter and 3 metres long.


Single Skin Boom in Oil only

A single skin white Oil only boom in a 20 cm diameter and 3 meters length.