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With our sustainable option ranges, you can choose recycled or natural fibre absorbents to reduce carbon emissions and save resources

No other group of companies have been developing and manufacturing sustainable spill solutions for longer than we have. Using high quality recycled natural or synthetic fibres, plus a combination of state-of-the-art technologies, we really have moved recycled absorbents to the next level. These sustainable solutions have become the cornerstone of the ESP group, not just "me too" add-ons to existing product lines.

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Coldform2TM offers great strength and excellent performance. A top spun-bond lamination reduces linting whilst increasing durability and UV protection. The natural fibres offer much improved levels of absorbency over other comparable meltblown products. With the exposed core face down on a surface, this absorbent offers greater slip resistance than a double laminated version. This truly is a great value absorbent.

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UltracleanTM and AirmatrixTM are two state of the art absorbents, both are high performers in every respect. Along with 72% recycled synthetic fibres, the UltracleanTM Maintenance version also features SpillLockTM technology, which absorbs 150 times its own weight in aqueous based liquids. The UltracleanTM pads and rolls feature a poly-backed layer, which prevents spills from reaching the surface below. Where as the Oil only AirmatrixTM is soft, drapable and very absorbent. Both are tough and durable meaning that they can stay on the task for longer, which adds to their appeal.

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